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Jenny Allen’s Voice ~ Domestic Violence in the Church -Raising Awareness

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What can a church do to help and raise awareness? Here are 3 ways  a church can help.

  1. The church can liaise with local or national domestic violence forums and organisations to raise awareness. They could also raise awareness  in their sermons and by displaying information in their church.
  2. Pastors and leadership may be the first to hear of domestic violence situations in their church. The leadership can start to hold men accountable and be an effective change agent in the community.
  3. Leaders can refer victims to a DV agency or the police and have share information regarding safety plans.

The links below have additional resources for churches.



Click to access Role-of-Churches.pdf

Domestic abuse is very common is our society and will be reflected in the church. Please do all you can to raise awareness in your local church as it is a growing epidemic that the church cannot afford to ignore.


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  1. I’m working toward getting a ministry established in our church. Heading to a training at Focus Ministries tomorrow. This is so important to me. I appreciate your post. More churches need to get on board with this very difficult epidemic.

  2. Great information! Thank you for sharing

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