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Month: September 2015

Joseph ~ A Miscarriage of Justice

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This morning I was listening to the story of Jospeh on audio bible and the thought came to me that he was the victim of a miscarriage of justice. He was excited about a dream that God gave him about his future and he shared it with his family. His brothers became jealous of his story and the special coat his father made for him.  This lead to a chain of events that saw him sold into slavery and then later imprisoned for a crime he did not commit at the hands of a woman who desired him.

This whole situation must have been so painful for Joseph and he must have asked many times what did I do to deserve this? But his integrity served him well and his gift made room for him. He became a powerful ruler in Egypt, second to Pharoh and he ruled over the very people who imprisoned him and sold him into slavery.

Have you suffered a miscarriage of justice by friends or family? Have you been accused of something that you did not do? Then take heart from the story of Joseph, your integrity in the situation will serve you well. What was meant to destroy you God will use it to elevate you. What was meant to ostricize you will bring you into the gathering and company of great men and woman.

Everything that has taken place will be used to turn your life around for good. Don’t let fear, resentment, anger or bitterness get in the way. Release the power of forgiveness into your heart and watch God use it to elevate you into your dream and vision as he did Joseph.

Dear Heart, God is not unjust to forget your labour of love. He has and will always be your shield, defender and the lifter up of your head. Don’t let your hands become weak and don’t let your knees became feeble. Pick up that plough and keep it moving because what you plough today will be a great harvest tomorrow.

The Generational Gap

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The other day I was sharing with someone about the generational gap. Our young people are experiencing things that we never experienced or had to go through. They are exposed to a lot more sex, drugs and so many other things that use to be in the closet but are now the norm and open.

My own children come and ask questions or want to discuss topics  that to be honest at times make me cringe but I have to listen and discuss it with them. I have heard many young people say that their parents don’t understand or there is no way I can discuss this with my parents.

Listen, our world is changing at a rapid rate technology is changing every few weeks and we have to prayerfully rely on the Holy Spirit whilst we have conversations with our children and young people. Some churches have not developed to the point where there can be open dialogue and as a result the church is losing young people. The millennials are turning to other gods and religions.

As adults we can prayerfully discuss topics with our young people in a way that they know we are hearing them and that they are being understood. We cannot afford to let ourselves become obsolete. Technology is shrinking our world rapidly and the iPhone, iPad etc is normal everyday equipment to them. When I was growing up there was no internet, no email, no computer games, no nothing.  All we had was the park, our bikes and a skipping rope. ( If you can relate to that please “like” this post so I know I am not on my own).

Please don’t get me wrong we are not lowering ours standards or anything like that, but we have to talk, try to understand and give a listening ear to our young people. I can appreciate that as an adult you may never have had anyone listen to you and you were not given the chance to express yourself, but you now have the chance to prayerfully extend to someone what you never received. God can help you. Read books, investigate how you can be a listening parent there is a lot of material out there to help you.

Young adult, take your time with your parents. One thing you must do is respect them despite whatever shortfall they may have. Being a parent is the hardest job on the planet, it’s no joke. You will see when you have your own children.

Let us close the generation gap with love, prayer, understanding and a listening ear.

Heart to Heart Quote

“Don’t allow what you have been through to veil the love of God in your heart”

The Lord said this to me early last year when I was in a very painful situation. I knew he wanted me to write but I was in too much pain to do it. But in the middle of the pain I just started writing . Through writing I have been able to release  my thoughts and declutter my heart. Along the way God has used my words to touch your heart for which I am grateful.

If the Lord has placed something on your heart to do, do it and trust him to guide and lead you each step of the way.

Broken heart with white tree

Dear Father God Prayers – A Prayer for Hurting Mothers

Image: African American Art Print by ” A woman’s work” By Kevin Williams

Dear Father God,

I just want to lift up to you every mother that is hurting right now. Father you know the pain and burdens she carries for her children, Lord you see the falling tears and the muffled cries at night in her pillow. You see the sadness behind that smile, Father you see her heart. As she cries out to you on behalf of her children, answer the cry of her heart.

Any child who has an addiction set them free through her prayers Lord, those who are in gangs,  fulfil those children’s need to belong. Whatever needs your hurting daughters are lifting up to you on behalf of their children answer their prayer.

Father, I lift up the tears and prayers of these mothers to you as they intercede, fast and warfare over their children. Father your word says that the children you have given them are for signs and wonders, Father you said that children will be a fruitful vine around the homes of their parents. Restore and repair the mother child relationship bring healing as only you can do.

Lord I lift up any mother reading this prayer who is bereaving the loss of her child. Father only you know how to comfort her in this difficult time and you Lord are the God of all comfort.

Father I lift up to you any mother that is feeling guilty about her motherhood. Lord help her to forgive and release herself from that burden. Minister to her in a very unique way, let her know that she is released and forgiven in Jesus name Amen.

Drinking from a Deeper Well

I was in the library doing some studying and to take a break I was glacing through an old Ebony magazine and came across the story of a successful pastor whose older sister committed suicide, she had mental health issues. He said it shook his faith to the core but he realised he had to drink from a “deeper well” to recover. This pastor had to dig deeper in his faith in God to continue to drink living water to cope with this tragedy.

I have had to dig deeper in the wells of my bible, pray and worship to cope with many painful situations. The wells of God’s word never run dry. The things of God never run dry, the river is always running but we have to position ourselves to drink.

When I suffered personal pain and loss, I shut myself away and dug deeper. As I poured out to Father God in prayer, tears and worship I experienced the river of his love wash over me and through me.

Is there anything that you are experiencing that is forcing you to drink from a deeper well. Dear Heart do not run from the well but run to it because there you will find the water of life that will quench your thirst.

Jesus told the woman at the well that the water I will give will cause you not to thirst again, it was a living water that ministered to the soul. When we are thirsty and need a drink, identify good quality water because there are many polluted sources. When you are well identify your good sources so that when you hurt you know where to go.

Dear heart, keep drinking that living water and when life throws things at you and that well dries up, don’t stop but dig another well.

Dad’s United – A Tribute to Fathers

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I want to salute fathers who love and look after their children. I know of a few men who have not seen their children for years, who pay child support but the mothers are using the children as a weapon by not letting the children see them.

It is a painful thing to watch and see men suffer like this. The presence of a father is vital in the lives of children. What ever happened between the parents, should not block  a father  from seeing his children. It is a grave mistake and will have repercussions on  the mother in years to come.

Yes there are “dead beat” dads out there and this post is not for them, but not every father is dead beat, not every father chooses not to take his responsibilities seriously. There are fathers who  work two or three jobs to make sure they provide. Lets take the time to salute them.

If your father was someone who did not fulfil his responsibilities and you find it difficult to celebrate him then find someone else who provided that father figure for you and celebrate them, appreciate them, love them.

Many many people have been wounded by their father and it has affected their self perception, self image and their progress in life and even their relationships with their own children. But there is help today. If you are a father reading this, drop your pride and look for help and healing in your own relationship with your own father so you can be a better father to your own children because they need you. Your own wounding is wounding them. Please do what you need to do to heal and then love on your children or at least start to build a bridge. Remember no one is perfect but at least make a start.

Then there is a father of all fathers, one who understands every beat of your heart, who can read the messages in each tear that you shed. My heavenly Father…….ahh what can I say. “Father God thank you, Thank you. Thank you for giving me your love letter, the bible, thank you for using it to show me how you feel and think about me. Thank you for picking me up and dusting me off. Thank you for being there and providing for me evn though I ignored you when you were trying to get my attention. Thank you for warming my heart with your love and care.”

My dad was not perfect but he has matured like a good wine and he makes me laugh. I call him “Prince Freddie”.

If you can take a moment and call your dad or the father figure in your life and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Fathers, take a moment now and call you children, tell them how much you love and care for them. Keep this love cycle going.  You are to be celebrated!

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A Heartfelt Thank You

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This post is just to say a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you who read, comment or subscribe to my blog. I am so grateful to Father God for giving me the opportunity to share His words of encouragement with you.

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Once again Thank You and may Father God continue to bless you a thousand times more.

What are you hearing?


” And he said to them, be careful what you are hearing. The measure (of thought and study) you give (to the truth you hear) will be measured (of virtue and knowledge) that comes back to you and more (besides) will be given to you who hear.”    ~  Mark 4:24 (The Amplified Bible)

What have you been listening to that has so consumed your thoughts and what have you been meditating on? The seeds of those meditated thoughts will come back with a harvest in your life.

We can meditate on something negative someone has said to us and the harvest of that can come back as self doubt, low self esteem, worry and fear. We can also meditate on the good someone has said to us and the harvest of that can come back as courage, boldness, increased self esteem, confidence and fearlessness.

What words or statements have shaped who you are today? Make a decision today to chose what you hear and mediate on it. Philippians 4:7 says,

” ….. whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

I had to choose to hear what people said about me and what I said to myself as I have had many negative words said to me. But I took those same words refashioned them and used them as stepping stones to climb higher to be the best that I can be. I continue to focus and meditate on what Father God says about me because His thoughts towards me will always be for good and not evil. ” For I know the thoughts I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not evil,to give you an expected end.”  ~ Jeremiah 29:11

Dear Heart, take every negative thought or word, refashion it and use it for your good. Meditate on what God thinks and says about you. Find scriptures and use the Word of God to erase the negative and superimpose the positive and beauty of God’s word on your heart.

God’s Fingerprints

I was reading a blog post a few weeks ago and the blogger was sharing that God’s fingerprints are everywhere just like ours are. Why? Because we touch things to connect with this physical world and God’s touch and finger prints run through out the earth. Look at nature as an example.

His fingerprints is unique to each of us, he will touch us with his love and the print of it will be left on hearts and lives.

My brothers and sisters came from the same parents but we each have a unique set of prints. Twins who are identical have different fingerprints. Isn’t that a beautiful thought to consider. You are unique in your own right and God has His fingerprints all over you.

Meditating on that thought should make you feel special as there is no one like you, whether past or present or in the future with your set of fingerprints. Your uniqueness is God given and no one can take it from you. No matter what anyone says about you or how anyone feels about you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are UNIQUE, one of a kind, never to be duplicated.

Dear Heart, The almighty God is the greatest designer ever. He created you so remember his fingerprints of acceptance are all over you.

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