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Month: May 2015

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence (DV)  has been coming out of the shadows over the last few decades and has been finally getting the attention it deserves.

For many years it was hidden and not discussed as it was considered a private matter and not for public consumption. In the early 1970’s that all changed when a woman called  Erin Prizzey open the world’s first woman’s refuge in Chiswick, London and brought this ugly secret out for the world to see and understand what was happening on their own door step.

Domestic violence does not respect, race, culture, religion or social standing. It is happening in the home of the extremely wealthy to the homes of those who are poor. For 3 years I did voluntary work for the East London Rape Crisis Service, which also covered domestic violence.  I listened to so many stories of the pain these women went through and are still going through. In many communities it is still a taboo subject and the helpline was their only outlet.

Domestic violence is not only violence against women but there are an increasing number of men coming forward who are suffering violence from their female partners. Men’s refuges are springing up around the country.

I have also been concerned about domestic violence in the church and how in some churches it is still being swept under the carpet and the subject never discussed. There are a few high profile churches that have programs to raise awareness and can offer help but on the whole it is still a silent evil.

I intend to write a few blog posts on DV so stay tuned. 


Becoming 50

Last year I turned 50 years old. I looked forward to it because I counted it a privilege to see 50. It was and still is a time to reflect on what I have accomplished during my 50 years. The reflection was a humbling experience because I realised that due to certain circumstances I could have died or had severe mental illness. 

I thank God for each day that I wake up because I have learnt to appreciate the things that we all to often take for granted. Like walking, talking, smiling, working, sharing, love, joy, peace.

I have stretch marks due to pregnancy, cuts from cooking, falling etc. but each of my stretch marks and scars tell a unique story about me and my life’s journey. I have cried many tears, laughed until I could not laugh anymore and my sides ached and prayed and prayed and prayed until my knees became calloused. I serve a mighty God, Oh yes I do and through each painful step of my 50 year journey Jesus was there. Some of you may be thinking as you read this why is she becoming religious??? This is my story not yours, my journey not yours. Jesus has been good to me and I thank him every day.

These are a few of the things I have learnt on my journey in no particular order:

1. Appreciate whom God has created you to be. Do not let anyone or any circumstance tell you otherwise. God’s perspective of you is the one that matters.

2. Be thankful on a daily basis and cultivate a grateful heart. 

3. Cultivate a prayerful heart.

4. Take time to be still daily. Being busy every minute of day is not good for you.

5.Do exercises that you enjoy and eat well.

6.Do not worry what people think of you…. Keep it moving.

7.Do not be afraid to say no.

8.Never stop learning new things. I love to read!!

9.Always be willing to say sorry. Pride is ugly and God does not like ugly.

10. Do not be dismissive of anyone. There is gold locked up in them.

My children tell me that since I turned 50 I have become my bold in my attitude  and you know what….it feels good. 

Please enjoy your life there is so much to see, to do and enjoy. Do not become stagnant in appreciating the things around you and try to find good in each day even though you may be going through a hard time. Enjoy and live life.😊


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A Gift Bestowed

 A Gift bestowed is a gift given

From one person to another

A Gift bestowed is a gift given

From one heart to another

A Gift bestowed is a gift given

For the person receiving to treasure

Can you take a moment to be a gift bestowed to someone who needs your heart?

Be a Gift…….Be a Gift…….Be a Gift


8 Reasons Why Your Life Matters

Every so often I download free E-books from Amazon and a few months ago I downloaded a book by John Herrick called “8 Reasons your Life Matters”

Life can be a roller coaster sometimes and during those times we wonder if our life matters or if we are making a positive impact on those around us. Don’t let that roller coaster ride fool you because it is during those times that we can impact people for good the most. People can draw strength when they see us climb the mountains that we face. Our courage encourages them to keep pressing.

I just want to tell you YES your life does matter and reading this book will show you why. The chapter headings are:

1. Your life is more permanent than your struggles

2. God sees you differently than you see yourself.

3. You have a destiny

4. You are remembered not forgotten.

5. You are someone’s first pick.

6. Your absence would leave a permanent hole.

7. People need to see you overcome.

8. You are loved and valued.

Be blessed as you download it and read. 

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